The Business Feeling Index: feelings that move business forward

We know emotion is a primary driver of business decisions. However, what we didn’t know was the crucial moments and feelings that most contribute to successful business relationships.

The Financial Times Commercial Insight Group, in collaboration with global advertising agency gyro, asked FT readers across the globe to create a detailed portrait about the feelings that drive business forward.

Among the key findings:

• "Confident optimism" is the No. 1 feeling B2B decision-makers desire.

• Proactive sharing of thought leadership is most effective for maintaining strong relationships, per the majority of those polled (69%).

• 86% of respondents say the first moment of friction in a relationship is where you really find out about your partner.

“Contrary to common assumptions, people tend to use their feelings across a variety of contexts, including those that are supposedly meant to be rational. We found that emotions that customers felt in response to [marketing] predict their brand attitudes regardless of the product category involved.”

Michel Tuan Pham, Kravis Professor of Business, Columbia Business School

Download the report from the gyro website.